Marlene Dumas

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Marlene Dumas
Marlene Dumas
Auteurs : Angela Vettese, Barbara Poli, Gianni Romano

Dumas cultivated a unique position within the world of figurative painting beginning with expressive drawings of human figures -powerful figurative works that explore themes of gender, identity, sexual and ethnic violence, and oppression. In the paintings there is always clear interplay between image and spectator: her models give the impression of observing, rather than being observed. Suspect, the title of this exhibition and catalog, is just as wonderfully ambiguous; the show undermines preconceived notions about victims and executioners while adding to the pool of doubt the idea that these images themselves might be "suspect ". The catalog features Dumas ' recent works as well as a series created specifically for her exhibition. The book includes a long interview with the artist and a collection of her writings.

Broché: 96 pages
Editeur : Skira International Corporation (14 septembre 2005)
Langue : Français

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