Marlene Dumas: Wet Dreams : Watercolors

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Marlene Dumas: Wet Dreams : Watercolors
Marlene Dumas: Wet Dreams : Watercolors
Auteurs : Angela Vettese, Barbara Poli, Gianni Romano

The oeuvre of Marlene Dumas is primarily characterized by her watercolors. Suggestive works, they appear to be based mostly on photographs from magazines which Dumas blurs, crops, or distorts. In doing so, the artist explores the sexualized dynamics between the picture, the painter, and the viewer. Her always openly sensual representations of human bodies and faces deal with some of the questions central to life. Wet Dreams features a broad selection of Dumas' loaded and expressive watercolors, expanding on the primary topics found throughout her work: the cliché picture of the female, the relations between the sexes, role playing, sexuality and pornography, guilt and violence, birth and death. Specially featured here are a number of collaborative works which the artist created with her daughter and with the painter Bert Boogaard. Edited by Thomas Knubben and Tilman Osterwold. ~Essays by Jean-Christophe Ammann, Thomas Knubben and Marlene Dumas. Hardcover, 6.75 x 9.5 in./128 pgs / 69 color and 1 b & w.

Relié: 128 pages
Editeur : Hatje Cantz Publishers (14 septembre 2005)
Langue : Allemand

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