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France.gif Piana Philippe
Exposition de mes créations dont le thème principal est "La Femme"
Italy.gif Fossali Gino
The work of Italian painter GINO FOSSALI is shown in the site from the years of social engagement and neo-expressionisme of the 60, then the peripod called muyhological till the last called French There are also the graphic works. You can se his biography, the one-man shows and the collective ones. Also there are works of the most important exhibitions " The Pythia of Delphes(1998-1999) and the "Dionisiaca"(2003-2004)You can find Gino Fossali on GOOGLE and GOOGLE IMAGES
France.gif Cornee Patrick
Patrick cornée, famous french painter,presents his online fine art gallery of original oil paintings for sale, including a variability of themes like landscape paintings, figurative nude paintings, marine, still life, flowers, people
France.gif Jean-Yves Delalande
travaille d'après modèles vivants avec encres, gouache et acrylique. Le modèle est un générateur d'imaginaire dont il émane des personnages enigmatiques que l'artiste veut révéler.
France.gif Jean-Pierre Toth
Mainly erotic paintings
Slovenia.gif Domen Lombergar
The digital art of new age Slovenian artist Domen Lombergar ~ Free video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS, free wallpapers, free skins for winamp 5, funny celebrity caricatures, interviews, forums, comics and much, much more...
France.gif Alain SERRUYA
Alain SERRUYA - Artist painter, gifts, contemporary arts, sale paintings, art, painting course, watercolor, oil painting, reproductions, virtual art gallery, painting gallery, virtual exhibition, painter, painting, pictures, drawings, engravings, post, sc
France.gif Lauri
Realist painting in nude,still-life, orientalist.
United_States.gif Dubin Gallery
Dynamic,erotic and figurative.
Germany.gif ArtMatysik
Sensual erotic paintings by oil, acrylic, pastel with the touch of photorealism - Published in TV & Print - Serveral exhibitions.
France.gif Aslan
The official Alain Aslan's Web Site - sculptor, painter and drawer.
Germany.gif Erotic Fetish by Sugar
Erotic Art, Portraits & more by young German artist Peter Klint.
Czech_Republic.gif Gallery Vladimir
The Web presentation of Gallery Vladimir. Paintings and drawings -nudes,lanscapes,portrait,still-lifes,commission painting.
Spain.gif Goya
France.gif Hang'art gallery
Erotic, nudes, figures and landscapes.
United_States.gif Painted Lady
Jack Henslee's
France.gif Patrice Latger
Figurative paintings with pastel of landscapes-paintings, portraits and nudes.
Denmark.gif Stefan Bløndal
Danish Painter, Oilpaintings. Eroticism and Sensuality, Portraits, Mysticism and Spirituality.
United_States.gif The Nude Art of Tim Newman
Nude Male and Female Semi-Abstract Oils.
France.gif Patrice LATGER
Figurative paintings with pastel of landscapes-paintings, portraits and nudes.
Russia.gif Art-Helicon
Helicon gallery represents painting of modern Russian artists. Data base consists of 600 pieces of art by 53 artists. Data base is renovated regularly. You can purchase original painting/permission file required.
United_States.gif Naked Truths by D.DuLavey
Large sized acrylic nudes.
France.gif Trouvé Philippe
Site about Philippe Trouvé, his painting, his texts and his life
Belgium.gif marc lambrette
erotic and fantasy art,pin ups,oils & pencils artworks
United_States.gif Edgar Espino
Erotic Fantasy and Pin-Up art by new and up coming artist Edgar Espino. New gallery featuring oil paintings available for the first time to the eye of the general public.
Switzerland.gif Mercier Josette
Watercolor and pastels by Josette Mercier. She presents her last paintings (landscapes, nudes) and a watercolor demonstration.
France.gif Marie ARNAUD
Since 2 years only. oil pastels and yet oil
Russia.gif Denis Gorshunov
Art-gallery "ART-VOLGA". Paintings, drawings, sculpture, crafts - original works by contemporary Russian artists. Works for sale are presented, delivery of ordered items guaranted.
United_States.gif Herbert L. Dubin
My site is a compilation of paintings spanning many yeaars, and many periods in my long traveled road.There are large expressionitic nudes in acrylic on paper guache mood studies on board, and large d'arches watercolor paper,and finally for the last 12 ye…
China.gif Art Scene China - Contemporary Chinese Art
Contemporary Chinese art gallery featuring portfolios and biographies of over 20 modern chinese artists. The site also has free screensavers with new chinese art.
Russia.gif ART-VOLGA Gallery
Oil, acrylic, watercolor painting and drawing, sculpture and crafts by contemporary Russian artists. Works for sale are presented, delivery of ordered.
France.gif Lauranne
Raw art, brutal art ? L'art primal from Lauranne. Free painting, underground, outsider... Acrylics and pastels.
France.gif Joseph Ferraro
galerie virtuelle des peintures de Joseph Ferraro classées par thème.
Netherlands.gif Ernst Voss
1000 figurative paintings and drawings by artist now living in Amsterdam, timeline= Rembrandt,Goya,Corinth,Meidner,Dix,Koko schka,Voss
Germany.gif Anke Meier
Erotic visions!
Sexy collection of Anke's fine art paintings in nudes
Great_Britain.gif Davy Macdonald
Contemporary Female Figure Painings by Davy Macdonald.
United_States.gif Richard Turansky
Modern Fine Art Gallery featuring acrylic paintings, contemporary nudes, pastels, and writings by Richard Turansky.
France.gif Figaro Phébé
Bienvenue dans le monde de Phébé : peinture, dessins, décoration, des nus, des paysages ou des bouquets, venez découvrir l'univers artistique d'une jeune artiste guadeloupéenne ...
Norway.gif Hakon Soreide
The creative work of contemporary Norwegian artist Hakon Soreide, including work in media ranging from traditional oil paints to colour pencils, pastels, encaustics and digitally created works. Original artwork and prints available for sale.
Canada.gif Martina Shapiro
Contemporary, figurative, fauvistic oil paintings, including nude, still life, landscape and more.
France.gif Audace du corps - Helene Lemeunier
Exposition virtuelle d'un peintre qui explore les diverses facettes du nu féminin
Norway.gif Jon Bjørn Østrem
Fine art paintings oil on canvas of nudes, abstract, landscape
Canada.gif Leriche Louise
Self-made painter. Most of all it gives me pleasure to paint.  My production is mainly centered on the human being and his emotions. My paintings are known to reveal a great sensitivity and some of them express loneliness. The characters, often…
Czech_Republic.gif Vitali Komarov
A.Vitali Komarov's art: original impressionist oil paintings inspired by Van Gogh, including landscapes and still lifes with flowers and fruits.
Belgium.gif Alann de Vuyst
a traveling nomadic painter who paints in hotelrooms about his own interpretations of tribal,folk paintings. He is a mix of Alice in Wonderland andDon Quichotte. Was adopted in 1989 by a Xavante chief in Mato grosso Brazil. Of which you may find fragments…
Netherlands.gif Arjan de Weger
This site contains 21 paintings of the collection "les femmes d'Arjan" it is an ode to the female sex. The artist started the collection in 1998 first only in Black and White but from 2000 he added a bit of red to his paintings the red increases during t…
France.gif Girot René
Art-French Riviera paintings; landscapes south of France: stones, sea, sky, luxuriant mediterranean garden, oasis; black african women faces, feminine nudes. Drawings, prints, limited editions.
United_States.gif Ralph Mains
Galleries of 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, photography, tutorials, models, resources, full service Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy art, Rock T-shirts, posters, stickers, free wallpaper and actions, sensual & psychedelic art, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Poser…
Brazil.gif Virtual Gallery - Flávia Reis Gonçalves [Brazil]
It shows of the works carried out by the plastic artist. In a style clean and modern, she uses the techniques: oil on panel with texture and decoupage.
France.gif Dumont sophie
decouvrez ma passion pour l'afrique et l'inde à travers mes peintures
Germany.gif Gerda Maria Blender
Sensual erotic abstract and cubism oil paintings with flash animation. E-cards.
France.gif Defrance Claude
Nudes paintings
Netherlands.gif Escha van den bogerd
Escha van den Bogerd was born in The Hague, Holland where she attended the Rudolf Steiner school, a school with many art subjects including painting, drawing and art history. After leaving school Escha followed several art courses around Europe, includ…
New_Zealand.gif Bryce Brown
Bold, contemporary paintings by New Zealand artist, Bryce Brown. Bryce uses strong line, texture and colour to evoke a positive sense of the human condition. His paintings are in collections in London, New York and Edinburgh.
France.gif SEGRESTAN Robert
A selection of some portraits of women in short skirts celebrating beauty and freedom.