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France.gif GIRARDIN Louise
figurative painting, contemporary realism. Flower portraits, human portraits, imaginary figures.
United_States.gif Pelizzari,Gregory
web-site of the artist-painter Gregory Pelizzari
France.gif Virginie Trabaud
French painter specialised in acrylic painting and mortar with relief effect. original with abstract technique you can see but also touch this art.
France.gif Fuvel, Christine
Artist painter living in Provence, France, since 1992. Oil paintings showing the southern lights, creations with bright and smooth colors. Gallery named "il etait une fois" in Sanary, south of France.
France.gif Chauveau Jocelyne
Gallery of 60 paintings, watercolours and drawings in mixt technics (inks, wash drawings, art chalks and charcoal), still lifes and flowers, oniric or realistic landscapes, nudes from art models and portraits, a reportage for a watercolour step by step in "Artistes Magazine", the calendar of exhibitions and a press review
France.gif Mouillard François
all work francois mouillard theme such as birds of the bay sum, melancholy, pompei, as well as news and exhibition
Amorosart is an art portal dedicated to original prints by the galleries worldwide. You can find there original lithographs and etchings by the most important artist of the XX century.
None.gif Orazi Horace (Orazio)
The site, written in French, is presenting the artist and its pictorial works with guide-lines also in English, German, Spanish. The site works as a scientific-cultural monography and it is composed by: Note on the Artist and its works; Exhibitions; Galleries, with the paintings presentend according to pictorial periods; the crictical issues on the Artist are mentionned in the Galleries section. A note on the Artist
France.gif Aguila Bernard
galerie.bernard realistic painter oil-base paints and pastels gallery of landscapes of portraits of nature dead and various
France.gif Collet Bernard
Long walks through space and time around the Mediterranean Sea. Wild nature before time, leaves and skies mixed. Figurative work (oils, pastels, collages, notebooks of voyage) in the respect of nature and the history.
France.gif Le Bour Laurence
Laurence Le Bour conçoit et réalise sur commande fresques murales, panoramiques sur mur et toile marouflée, trompe-l'oeil, ornementation, panneaux décoratifs
France.gif Trabaud Virginie
Virtual art gallery presenting of many paintings at the mortar and the Corsica acrylic resin, landscapes (Sagone, Renno, Guagno, Oporto...) and French areas (Brittany, Normandy.) And much of other single and original creations to discover.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Paintings and pastels, drawings, collages and paper cuts around nature and history. Nature through rocks and forests, leaves,waters and skyes; History, broken statues, steles and temples left by history to our questioning present. Travel documents too from around Mediterranean see ( Italie, Corsica, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) French artist living in Paris.
Netherlands.gif Robert van Beurden
17th century style of still Life oil paintings and portrets
Switzerland.gif Personnaz-Smith Maria
Contemporary Swiss painter, she traveled a lot to have inspiration. Realist and impressionist she show her great talent.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Paintings around nature and history (Oil and pastels) Nature ? through mountains and rocks, forests and leaves,waters and skyes. History ? the crumbling of cities, statues, steles and temples, these broken stones are questioning our present. French artist living in Paris.
France.gif Carpentier, Mahaut
Mahaut Carpentier is a french painter living in Paris. Her last works are relief oil paintings and are named "rideaux de scène".
France.gif Alain Benedetto
huiles sur le vieux nice de jadis,le comte de nice,la provence,marines,natures mortes,scenes de basse cour,decors sur carrellage et ceramiques d'art entierement realise main
France.gif Cadoret Michèle
Exposition-vente d'huiles et pastels : Nature et mer, portraits et scènes, travail sur les symboles.
France.gif Girardin Louise
Louise Girardin présente ses portraits de fleurs,en gros plan,hyperréalistes. Des dessins, portraits et peintures d'imagination. Des photomontages numériques.
France.gif Bailey, Jeffrey
The site is divided into 3 parts: oil paintings, works on paper (watercolors), and trompe-l'oeil
France.gif Giustinani Ghislaine
Ghislaine Giustiniani is a burgond painting artist. You may visit oils on canvas and watercolors on her site and known her next exhibitions.
France.gif Annie Gilbert
Découvrez le site internet d'Annie GILBERT, artiste peintre en Vendée. Présentation de ses tableaux avec les thèmes des personnages, de la côte et des îles et du Maroc.
France.gif Jacky Chevaux
Site officiel de l'artiste peintre graveur Jacky CHEVAUX (1943-1995).
France.gif Danielle Raspini
La curieuse rencontre d'un peintre
futuriste et du plus beau costume
traditionnel de France : Danielle
Raspini peint aussi les Arlésiennes.
France.gif Mireille Etié
Dressed cats and dogs.
France.gif Alonso Bernard
expositions de mes tableaux, plus forum ( n'oubliez pas de laisser un message
:-) )
France.gif Jolly Jean-Yves
an original idee of gift: your portrait
dessinee with the pencil and color.
To learn how to make a portrait in
three blows of pencils
France.gif Jung-Brett, Marie-Aline
Figurative oil-base paints: Navy, landscapes, portraits, macros.
France.gif Denechaud Christian
C.Denechaud invites you to visit the site of his works. Oil on canavas , watercolors and pastel used to create atmosphere of landscape but also portrait etc ...
France.gif Launay Françoise
Ce sont des aquarelles gouachées,pour lesquelles à chaque fois j'ai eu le coup de foudre.
Maintenant, à vous de me dire, vos commentaires, de joies, d'étonnements, de plaisirs,
France.gif Alain SERRUYA
Alain SERRUYA - Artist painter, gifts, contemporary arts, sale paintings, art, painting course, watercolor, oil painting, reproductions, virtual art gallery, painting gallery, virtual exhibition, painter, painting, pictures, drawings, engravings, post, sc
France.gif André Reny
Painter - Florist and professional musician. (1906-1994)
Italy.gif Caravaggio
France.gif Courbet, Gustave
Webmuseum - Paris
Great_Britain.gif Charles Becker
the Charles Becker Online Gallery.
Spain.gif Fransisco Goya
WebMuseum - Paris
Spain.gif Fransisco Goya
France.gif André Renoux
French artist painter.
Great_Britain.gif Gallery Vladimir
Peintures et dessins d'un artiste de République Tcheque.
Great_Britain.gif Hans Bulder
Dutch wildlifepainter with animals (portrets ) nature and still life's in oil.
France.gif Houzelle
Animal art.
France.gif J.Piecka
Exhibition of the works of Piecka Jean Pierre.
Great_Britain.gif Kelly Fine Art
National award winning landscape & marine oil paintings.
France.gif Lauri
Realist painting in nude,still-life, orientalist.
Belgium.gif Leon Engelen
Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings.
France.gif Mahey
Portugal.gif Marcus Claudio
This site contains a sample of Marcus Claudio's beautiful oil portraits.
Netherlands.gif Mary Grooteman
Contemporary realistic figurative paintings.
France.gif Pierre Barraya
Exposition rétrospective de 25 ans de peinture et d'illustration publicitaire.
United_States.gif Rosie's Gallery of Dreams
Proud to present The Gallery of Dreams by Rosie "AngelBaby" Hamlin.
France.gif Gadret Sandra
Presentation of fabrics of style expresionnist and figurative, screen of day before to be downloaded and presentation of a young talent, painter amateur.
None.gif Gheorghiu Cristache
A Club Of Arts
Belgium.gif Pol Ledent
101 Landscapes from Belgium
Flowers and nudes
Russia.gif Art-Helicon
Helicon gallery represents painting of modern Russian artists. Data base consists of 600 pieces of art by 53 artists. Data base is renovated regularly. You can purchase original painting/permission file required.
Romania.gif Cristache Gheorghiu
Some paintings by Cristache Gheorghiu
France.gif Artistery
Oils, African colors and visions
Canada.gif Lise Cormier
Galerie, watercolor and oil painting
United_Kingdom.gif The Country Artist: the Internet art gallery
An art gallery in Hay-on-Wye, Uk displaying paintings and prints by Mike Knight.
France.gif Billaud
Expo d'un peintre amateur.
Nudes, portraits, seascape, pencil works
Mexico.gif Art CHAAK 6 Mexican Painters
Fine art created by 6 artists from Cozumel island in Mexico....Mayan excentricism!
France.gif SCRIVE France-Anne
Pastels-Paysages du Nord - NaturesmortesHuiles Plein Air et autres thèmes
None.gif Chinese Portrayers-Online
Supply museum quality of portrait and oil painting reproductions as well as original oil paintings.
United_States.gif Wyeth, Andrew
Andrew Wyethon Google Arts & Culture
France.gif billaud alain
art lover's gallery. I paint for the pleasure of my eyes.
United_States.gif Pyle, Howard
Howard Pyle Google Arts & Culture
Switzerland.gif Mercier Josette
Watercolor and pastels by Josette Mercier. She presents her last paintings (landscapes, nudes) and a watercolor demonstration.
Spain.gif Carlos Cabo
Exposition virtuelle de peintures à l'huile.
Great_Britain.gif j.s.pountain
Approx.50 paintings + a few drawings and sculptures
Canada.gif Marcus Gorenstein
Masterly paintings, drawings, figurative and abstract sculpture and architectural stained glass of landscapes, cityscapes, women and portraits.
Germany.gif Ariane
Paintings of Ariane
France.gif BOERI Mireille
Galerie qui présente mes Aquarelles travaillées
France.gif SALMERON
CV et galeries de tableaux avec agrandissement possible
China.gif Art Scene China - Contemporary Chinese Art
Contemporary Chinese art gallery featuring portfolios and biographies of over 20 modern chinese artists. The site also has free screensavers with new chinese art.
None.gif Auction
Paintings in auction