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France.gif Raphy
Works of Raphy are carried out with oil on fabric. He paints in its workshop with the brush and the knife. Autodidact, he developed his own contemporary style, abstracted but letting appear in his creations full of colors some figurative elements.
Belgium.gif Lorent, Claude
Quelques toiles réalisées à l'huile et à l'acrylique.
United_States.gif Kaloust Guedel
ABC ART of Kaloust Guedel
Great_Britain.gif Alisha Sufit
Visit the artistic world of Alisha Sufit, artist, singer songwriter and poet. View an interesting selection of works both on canvas and paper, representative of this artist's unique vision, an idiosyncratic British surrealist working in water co…
France.gif Segré Raymond
BEYOND THE HUMAN MASKS - works on canevas and paper featuring mostly faces, heads and nudes - Srangeness and Singularity, an Avant Garde Visionary Art.
Italy.gif Contini Costantino
Contemporary Art by Costantino Contini. Discover his abstract art through his chromatic expression. Complete online gallery of artworks
Argentina.gif Alioto Hebe Beatriz
painting the style is expressinist southamericaine,
France.gif Laurence Sangorrin
Introspections et transcription de morceaux de musique en peinture
France.gif Chenouard eric
une balade dans mes rèves
Latvia.gif Ilgvars Zalans
I am a profesional painter, freelance artist. I work in different styles & techniques, mainly in oil, because color interests me as an existential platform. In color I find my real calling in Art and my life. Most of…
Hungary.gif Csilla Krisztina Schneider
mediterranean paintings, grotesque figures with powdered wigs, cave paintings, etc.
France.gif Agssarkissian Christina
Peinture acrylique et à l'huile.
Russia.gif Russian Paintings Gallery
oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and drawings, sculptures and crafts by contemporary Russian artists. Artworks for sale are presented, delivery of ordered.
France.gif Maïté WININGER/TROTOT
Une explosion de couleurs, entre le rêve et la réalité, une Artiste vous invite à visiter son Univers.
Canada.gif Laporta Gilbert
Painting and graphic art by Gilbert Laporta
Germany.gif de Medeiros Ana
Abstract painting, Freestyle painting, Ana de Medeiros - Painter Sculptor Gestic, informal painting, Expressionism, Sculptures
France.gif Beguin Stephane
Ce jeune artiste de talent peint des portraits frappants, décalés, attachants, plein de passion et de souffrance. Ce peintre arrive a donner forme visible à nos états d'âme du quotidien. Sa peinture séduit, nous prend aux tripes, nous charme et nous envo…
France.gif Frandsen Emile
This site dedicated to Emile Théododre Frandsen present 150 views of paintings, sculptures, poems. His biography in French and English describe the orginal work and life of this painter. His painting ,"La Fille au bouquet", illustrate the Eric Clapton …
France.gif Gilles Bizien
Discover a series of paintings intense and expressive.
Netherlands.gif Jean-Paul Opperman
Emotional figurative art created by Jean-Paul Opperman, recently graduated at the Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (Netherlands).
France.gif ZABH
Peintures oniriques et intimistes,inspirations méditerrannéennes, hommage à l'enfance et à la féminité...
United_States.gif Richard Sperry
Painter experimenting with different styles and techniques.
France.gif Roviras Daniel
Acrylic paintings from Daniel Roviras
Latvia.gif Zalans
new paintings from Ilgvars Zalans
France.gif Gervaise Franck
contemporary art of franck gervaise abstract peinter
France.gif Nout Lequen
Painter located at Meylan, Isere. The artist makes a success of, through paintings, but also of drawings, to make pass its felt, by the forms used, the colors employed, the way of expressing itself. It is partly abstract, partly figurative. imaginatio…
France.gif Hascoet, Gérard
Artiste très sensible aux nus féminins.
France.gif Tessier Hervé
France.gif Philippe Hérard
Acrylique sur toile
France.gif Brunel Sébastien
Sébastien Brunel, french painter and drawer. Nude drawiong, paintings, illustration, computer graphics...
France.gif Fatou, jean-michel
FATOU peintre contemporain dévoile une œuvre libre, imaginative à tendance expressionniste et narrative. Démarche introspective, tournée vers les autres. Humour, éléments dérangeants cohabitent.
France.gif Uleski
La peinture contemporaine dans tous ses états ! Uleski Artiste peintre ou la peinture… quitte ou double ! Composition à vous couper le souffle, couleurs fulgurantes, puissance et justesse des motifs, des figures qui... une fois jetés... tendus, ne souf…
France.gif Toutain Marlene
un site pour faire connaitre mon art, qui est la peinture acrilyque le collage, je suis passionnée par la lumière la culeur et le trait juste
Thailand.gif Paul Herman
Paul Herman is a realist painter working in the Renaissance tradition with impressionist influence. Paintings, portraits, murals, sculpture, oil on canvas, landscapes, still life plus Paul's Art-Q quiz & animated shorts
France.gif Galbaud Diane
Art work of Diane Galbaud, an expressionism painter. Oil portraits on canvas, also nudes.
Brazil.gif Marcello Romeiro
Oil paintings, dry pastry and watercolors, drawings, illustrations, web designer, exhibitions, it exhibits all of artist Marcello Pilgrim's works
France.gif Magalhaes Elvis
Hello with all in love ones with painting! I am 28 years old, I live in Nancy where I attended the School of the Art schools during 3 years, and since always I dedicate an inexpressible passion with painting, with all paintings. I thus created my Web site…
Canada.gif Carney, Lisa
Abstract contemporary art by canadian artist Lisa Carney (Asil) including collages, assemblages and mixed-media art.
France.gif Arève,Akopian-Nercessian
Arève, Amoureuse de la Lumière...lumières du désert... des rouges, rouge de Marrakech...des bleus, bleu des océans,des mers intèrieures...
Switzerland.gif Isabelle Lutz
Born in 1975 in Geneva, Isabelle Lutz decides, in October 2005, to change orientation and to dedicate herself to the painting after having obtained a master in psychology to the university of Geneva and exercised as psychologist in private cabinet. Her…
France.gif Dutou alias
Dutou est un peintre nordiste né en 1970, qui commence à créer dès 1989. Sa force de travail lui permet de constituer une création particulièrement abondante. Le peintre travaille uniquement avec les acryliques qu'il peut utiliser en techniques mixtes. So…
Portugal.gif Raquel Martins
Personal gallery of figurative paintings
France.gif Carnaille Caroline
If you want to know all news about caroline carnaille paints.
France.gif Kuhlen Francis
Born in March 64 in Paris. After studding graphic arts and working in publishing, he specialized in advertising in 1984 and become an artistic director. In 1994, he decided to set up in Honfleur to dedicate himself mainly to painting and sculpture, his …
Thailand.gif Chenx
beautifull contemporary paintings from a talented artist chenx. The themes comes from the feng-shui
Argentina.gif Alioto B. Hebe
original Painting , acrylic on canvas , style expressionist southamericane figuratif
United_States.gif Jaison Cianelli
Original contemporary abstract art and inspirational paintings of love, hope, and spiritual awareness.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Long walks through space and time around the Mediterranean Sea. Wild nature before time, leaves and skies mixed. Figurative work (oils, pastels, collages, notebooks of voyage) in the respect of nature and the history.
France.gif Lemoine Bruno
Her paintings feed his questioning, his travels, his visits to museums. His approach is both plastic and very poetic.
Russia.gif Azarin
Discover your fine art source to enhance your personal surroundings with realistic and impressionistic style paintings.