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Pakistan.gif Wasan Khurshid
France.gif mtysz
Contemporary art painting. talking about tropical fishes, on women legs and stilettos , and people and animals portraits. Surrealistic style for legs and pumps, hidden pictures for most of the abstracts paintings on fishes.
Germany.gif souane abdallah
Imagiris is the first section of the virtual Gallery of Visual arts of Abdallah Souane, important artist-painter of the XXth Century, registered in the State licensed Graphic-designer from the Highschool of Fine arts …
France.gif DECHAVANNE Patrice
Dechavanne expressionist painter paint mixed on rigid panels: Expressionism, surrealistic, erotic, pathetic, heretic
Poland.gif Rafa&322; Huczek
Official website of Poland artist Rafa&322; Huczek, oil paintings, acrylic, watercolour, drawings, paintings on order, portraits.
France.gif MICHAUX Michel
I paint especially mechanicals machine , cars, motorbykes, bicycles, planes, yachts... but I présents sometimes my personal idea in a fantastic painting.
France.gif Corinne Brossier
Artiste-peintre, médium. Peintures intuitives sur collection ou reproductions en différents formats et supports, créations personnalisées sur commande.


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