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Belgium.gif Rudy Baeten
Atelier BelArt, realistic and surrealistic oil paintings, sculptures.
Fine art gallery of abstract oil paintings for sale including landscapes,still life, portraits, flowers, nudes and more.
Russia.gif Lomovtsew Konstantin
Surreal art works.Oil,wotercolour,graphics.
France.gif Jacky Chevaux
Site officiel de l'artiste peintre graveur Jacky CHEVAUX (1943-1995).
Angola.gif Max Szoc
Surrealistic painter, theatre director and scenograph, poet, author of many happenings. Famous in polish culture world but almost unknown as painter until he moves to Belgium, where his paintings and drawings got a deserved appreciation.
Australia.gif Johnny beinArt
A collective of Underground Australian Visionary Artists. A vortex of Australian Surrealists, cubists, Fantastic artists, Esoteric Artists and twisted comic Artists. All art is created, hands on (no digital manipulation) and challenges all Australian Ster…
Russia.gif Academart
academy of arts site paintings
France.gif DZYGA Kazimierz
Kazimierz Dzyga takes his imaginary worlds and landscapes from the serenity of fairyland. As the gaze roams over them, the impression is of returning from a land that is truly distant…

United_States.gif Helene Bied
Oil paintings by French artist Helene Bied. Discover a world rich in colors and symbols ... the surreal universe of dreams and emotions when they get inside the brightest colors.
France.gif Guedel Pierre
Figuratif and surealist petry painter
Russia.gif Art Hit
Virtual gallery. Surrealistic, abstract paintings online exhibition and sale. Modern original artworks for sale. Posters.
France.gif Bonnand Alain
site artistique, dessin, peinture, sculpture, surréaliste, érotique, faisant référence à Magritte, Bellmer, Dali, Ernst, espace onirique, fantastique et fantasmatique
Brazil.gif Claudio Miklos
Surrealist Art of Claudio Miklos
Canada.gif Gregg Simpson
West Coast Canadian artist, Gregg Simpson, was internationally recognized in the 1970s and 80s as a Neo-Surrealist. He now works in a more abstract mode. Simpson was the subject of a television documentary made on his work in 2003, entitled A New Arcadia,…
Austria.gif GMGallery
Oil Painting Reproductions of Masterpieces of Old Masters, browse by artist or collection; Impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, landscapes, and still lifes
Canada.gif Leo LaBelle
The art of Leo LaBelle
France.gif Lorette, Xavier
nude and surrealistic painting
Poland.gif Krzysztof Radziewicz
E-Galeria contains paintings created in interesting, original technique. Creations are inspired by landscape, architecture, human form and musical work.
Germany.gif Cornelia Harmel
Professional german painter C. Harmel. Original oil, acrylic and mixed media surreal paintings. Images and curriculum vitae.
France.gif Esteban Claire
Claire Esteban, artiste peintre, vous propose une galerie de tableaux (peinture à l'huile, pastel, collage, couture...), son actualité, une biographie...
Slovenia.gif Domen Lombergar
The digital art of new age Slovenian artist Domen Lombergar ~ Free video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS, free wallpapers, free skins for winamp 5, funny celebrity caricatures, interviews, forums, comics and much, much more...
United_Kingdom.gif Hayter, stanley william
Art Gallery for prints and illustrated books. Lithograph and etchings by the XX century masters.
Canada.gif Leo LaBelle
Leo LaBelle is an artist who creates art through drawing painting and sculpture.
France.gif Michel Charvet
Michel CHARVET Paintings gallery.
New_Zealand.gif Peter van Oostzanen
Artist based in the Netherlands presenting surreal, narrative paintings. Peter van Oostzanen is influenced by Dali, Parkes, Willink and the magic realists.
France.gif Jean-Jacques Le Joncour
The artist presents his works and other artistic presentations from various
Belgium.gif Mercier Ralph
rush paitings new picture new site english
Haiti.gif Cupidon
haitian painting, stones, drums,sculpture wood
France.gif Bailey, Jeffrey
The site is divided into 3 parts: oil paintings, works on paper (watercolors), and trompe-l'oeil
France.gif Veau Elodie
Galerie virtuelle et exposition des tableaux d'Elodie Veau, peintre exercant sur la côte d'azur, entre Nice et Monaco. Femme artiste d'exception, une réelle vision à découvrir aux travers de ses oeuvres. Quand la poésie et
France.gif Franz Kafka et Marcel Proust, les 2 Albums
Franz Kafka receives a particular tribute in this gallery mainly made up with digital and surrealist images.
Portugal.gif Angela Ferreira
Portuguese born surrealist artist living in Wales, have a look of her magical paintings portfolio.
None.gif Salvador Dali
We sell on line original lithographs, serigraphs, sculptures, oil paintings of actual painters and famous artists of the XX th century like Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Chagall, Klimt and so on ...
France.gif Silent cries
Drawings, pastels, inks, acrylics, showing a dark and melancholic dreamlike world.
Romania.gif Nick Darastean
Personal art gallery of romanian artist Niculita Darastean. You can see paintings, still lifes, watercolors, graphic works, photography, orthodox icons, design works
Romania.gif Podium Art Gallery
Romanian Art Gallery. You can see paintings, watercolors, graphic works, photography, orthodox icons, design works, illustration
France.gif Farjas Jean-Claude
Visit the website of Jean-Claude FARJAS. You will find all about him, his biography, exhibitions, homages, book and dvd
Belgium.gif Swolfs Stéphan
Peintre & illustrateur
hyperréaliste-influencé par le
surréalisme et le"mystérieux"...
France.gif Anton Arno
Site de l'artiste peintre plasticien
ANTON ARNO Peintre abstrait français .
vente d'art
United_States.gif Numerous
The J. Cacciola Gallery represents
many of the finest contemporary
realist painters at work today. From
established artists such as Dan
Namingha to emerging painters
such as Gloria DeArcangelis we
continue to seek out gifted …
France.gif Cornee Patrick
Patrick cornée, famous french painter,presents his online fine art gallery of original oil paintings for sale, including a variability of themes like landscape paintings, figurative nude paintings, marine, still life, flowers, people
Armenia.gif Agssarkissian Christina
I'm painting with music
France.gif Joux Daniel
site perso d'un artiste peintre français, résidant à DIEULEFIT, 26220, dans la DRÔME, en FRANCE., et qui présente des huiles sur toile surréalistes, ses fresques murales et plafonds peints en trompe l'oeil.Son atelier est ouvert tous les jours au public d…
United_States.gif Kaloust Guedel
ABC ART of Kaloust Guedel
Canada.gif Lena:apostrophe:s Fine ART
Jazz Music Art, Sci-fi Abstract Paintings, Impressionist Landscapes and Naive Folk-Art Flowers
United_States.gif Carole Estrup
Carole Estrup's fine oils in Visionary, Western and Geo-political themes. Also a sampling of her poetry and a tribute to sculptor Frank James Morgan.
Great_Britain.gif Alisha Sufit
Visit the artistic world of Alisha Sufit, artist, singer songwriter and poet. View an interesting selection of works both on canvas and paper, representative of this artist's unique vision, an idiosyncratic British surrealist working in water co…
Canada.gif J.Mac
Contemporary Sculpture and Instalation by artist J.Mac.
Canada.gif Grimard, Michel
Surrealistic art sometimes grotesque and beautiful abstract art. We are all linked to a force that surpass us.