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France.gif GIRARDIN Louise
figurative painting, contemporary realism. Flower portraits, human portraits, imaginary figures.
France.gif ROMERO-DUVAL Gisèle
Gisèle ROMERO-DUVAL, peintre contemporain, encres dans une galerie d'Art
United_States.gif Pelizzari,Gregory
web-site of the artist-painter Gregory Pelizzari
France.gif Virginie Trabaud
French painter specialised in acrylic painting and mortar with relief effect. original with abstract technique you can see but also touch this art.
France.gif Cairon, Sylvie
Expressionist paintings and drawings inspired by the complexity of human beings."
France.gif Jean-Guyader Christine
Christine Jean-Guyader colourist painter's gallery
France.gif Antonio Vico Vico
Contemporary painter-sculptor, stone, model and monumental works. Paris France, Granada Spain
France.gif Fuvel, Christine
Artist painter living in Provence, France, since 1992. Oil paintings showing the southern lights, creations with bright and smooth colors. Gallery named "il etait une fois" in Sanary, south of France.
France.gif Chauveau Jocelyne
Gallery of 60 paintings, watercolours and drawings in mixt technics (inks, wash drawings, art chalks and charcoal), still lifes and flowers, oniric or realistic landscapes, nudes from art models and portraits, a reportage for a watercolour step by step in "Artistes Magazine", the calendar of exhibitions and a press review
Belgium.gif Robin Eric
Painting 77 portraits of women, « Mothers of humanity », and emphasizing the traces of life on their faces. In a certain sense a mother has carried humanity within her ; she has suffered while giving birth. Often she becomes an impotent witness of mankind. As to me there’s a source of truth in this suffering, it’s like when all masks fall down …
Amorosart is an art portal dedicated to original prints by the galleries worldwide. You can find there original lithographs and etchings by the most important artist of the XX century.
Chile.gif Beth Neco
Contemporary art inspirate of pre historical symbolismus, five continent.Photos,videoart, interesting links
France.gif Hermance Marie
Marie Hermance, contemporary painter and poet, mixing abstraction surrealism and expressionism. Frequent updates
France.gif Collet Bernard
Long walks through space and time around the Mediterranean Sea. Wild nature before time, leaves and skies mixed. Figurative work (oils, pastels, collages, notebooks of voyage) in the respect of nature and the history.
France.gif Eve Glikmans
The gallery is compose with a welcom page and 5 rooms. In each of them, they are 3 to 6 paintings. You should click on the painting to increase the size. A welcom texte is shown on the first room. SURSOULESDOIGTS is the subject of most of the paintings.
France.gif ZABH
Peintures oniriques et intimistes,inspirations méditerrannéennes, hommage à l'enfance et à la féminité...
France.gif Trabaud Virginie
Virtual art gallery presenting of many paintings at the mortar and the Corsica acrylic resin, landscapes (Sagone, Renno, Guagno, Oporto...) and French areas (Brittany, Normandy.) And much of other single and original creations to discover.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Paintings and pastels, drawings, collages and paper cuts around nature and history. Nature through rocks and forests, leaves,waters and skyes; History, broken statues, steles and temples left by history to our questioning present. Travel documents too from around Mediterranean see ( Italie, Corsica, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) French artist living in Paris.
France.gif Frandsen Emile
This site dedicated to Emile Théododre Frandsen present 150 views of paintings, sculptures, poems. His biography in French and English describe the orginal work and life of this painter. His painting ,"La Fille au bouquet", illustrate the Eric Clapton Ablum, Layla (Derek and the dominos). The site include press articles (Palais des Festivals, Danish press... etc ...)
United_States.gif Jonathan Meyer
Contemporary collage and abstract painting by London-based American artist Jonathan Meyer. Site includes thumbnail galleries, artist's statements, reviews from previous exhibitions and contact info.
France.gif Kellestom
Who's Kellestom? The painter Kellestom commenced her artistic education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts at Paris. Among its famous former students are the painters Edgar Degas, Théodore Gericault, Eugène Delacroix or the architect Charles Garnier. "École des Beaux-Arts" refers to several art schools in France but the most famous one is located in Paris, Kellestom’s cherished city. She has been exploring her own artistic techniques since her very young age and never stopped since then. However, her decision to share her work happened a few years ago only, when she considered she was beginning to achieve what she had in mind. “Painting is like breathing to me, but when I was younger, I felt that more experiences in life were necessary for me to really have something unique and deep to express in my art”. This demanding artistic journey makes Kellestom a mature yet refreshing artist. People’s observation around the world, motherhood, her graphic designer job, her curiosity for all forms of artistic expression played a major role in the enrichment of her work. Art to Kellestom is a never ending and timeless quest: “For me, below the multitude of techniques and styles, art means searching for the universal essence of humanity”. Therefore, the perceptions reflected in Kellestom’s works are as personal as universal. Her interpretations of numerous countries in her paintings and the choice of Singapore for the “Voyages” personal exhibition in 2005 illustrate her conception of art beyond borders. Beyond all borders: “Art history is captivating, but I am not interested in determining which category of art I belong to. Art is art and my artistic influences can be found in …. as in…..” It is oil painting that gets Kellestom’s preference, for the intense colors and the rich texture, and large canvas, for the space of expression, even if they are technically more challenging. Between abstraction and figuration, evanescence and sharpness, her individual style makes the invisible underlying reality perceptible and conveys a unique energy and breath of life. And life is indeed literally invited to Kellestom’s paintings through collages of materials, fabrics, small object… Particularly adroit at creating dreamlike atmospheres, the artist confirmed her individual vibrant style whose beauty lies in the balance between a powerful reality and a luminous imagination. One is absorbed in a kind of imperative familiarity, albeit mysterious. As Osama Khalil, Philosopher and manager of the Paris Espace Le Scribe-L’Harmattan, puts it: “The artist offers what Victor Hugo called les vivants indistincts de l’espace ”. Just back from a trip in Chili, promising more fascinating works, Kellestom has many projects, like exploring the three dimensions in her paintings. “Sources of inspiration are infinite: in people, feelings, cities, dreams, impressions, presentiments, nature, moments, arts. A life is not enough! I want to be dedicated to my art, and that is the reason why having the support of my representative and my webmaster is precious, allowing more time for the creative process.”
None.gif Bernard Vienat
Contemporary painters exposing thanks to their originalities and their styles inspired by their various origins. Possibilities to expose for good artists.
France.gif Frédéric Despierres
Recents works from the artist
Russia.gif Inga Adlerberg
Contemporary paintings.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Paintings around nature and history (Oil and pastels) Nature ? through mountains and rocks, forests and leaves,waters and skyes. History ? the crumbling of cities, statues, steles and temples, these broken stones are questioning our present. French artist living in Paris.
Italy.gif Fossali Gino
The work of Italian painter GINO FOSSALI is shown in the site from the years of social engagement and neo-expressionisme of the 60, then the peripod called muyhological till the last called French There are also the graphic works. You can se his biography, the one-man shows and the collective ones. Also there are works of the most important exhibitions " The Pythia of Delphes(1998-1999) and the "Dionisiaca"(2003-2004)You can find Gino Fossali on GOOGLE and GOOGLE IMAGES
France.gif Marchant Colette
Abstract painter, inspired by nature.
France.gif Cornee Patrick
Patrick cornée, famous french painter,presents his online fine art gallery of original oil paintings for sale, including a variability of themes like landscape paintings, figurative nude paintings, marine, still life, flowers, people
France.gif Anton Arno
Site de l'artiste peintre plasticien
ANTON ARNO Peintre abstrait français .
vente d'art
France.gif Ballester Olivier
peinture sculpture collage plasticien
Italy.gif Paola Trevisan Contemporary Art
Smart and harmonic union of art, accommodation and refined, Paola Trevisan makes the most of beautiful Suite Duomo spaces that host the gallery and where artworks enhance the wonderful atmosphere.
France.gif Cadoret Michèle
Exposition-vente d'huiles et pastels : Nature et mer, portraits et scènes, travail sur les symboles.
France.gif Jean-Yves Delalande
travaille d'après modèles vivants avec encres, gouache et acrylique. Le modèle est un générateur d'imaginaire dont il émane des personnages enigmatiques que l'artiste veut révéler.
France.gif Duaner
Official WebSite of the painter Duaner where you'll find his biography,paintings,news and contacts.
France.gif Robert Labor
Parcours initiatique dans l'Histoire de l'ART et EXPERIMENTATIONS
France.gif Michel Fillion
Galerie d'estampes modernes et livres illustrés, lithographies, gravures et affiches originales par les maitres du XX siecle : Braque, Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Rouault, Campigli, Music, Barcelo, Alechinsky, Giacometti, Poliakoff, Hayter
France.gif Francis Kuster
A travers différents pseudonymes, Francis Kuster s'intéresse à la peinture et à ses modes de reproduction de la réalité.
France.gif Annie Gilbert
Découvrez le site internet d'Annie GILBERT, artiste peintre en Vendée. Présentation de ses tableaux avec les thèmes des personnages, de la côte et des îles et du Maroc.
France.gif Pilod Jocelyne
Some of the last painting created by J.Pilod
Slovenia.gif Domen Lombergar
The digital art of new age Slovenian artist Domen Lombergar ~ Free video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS, free wallpapers, free skins for winamp 5, funny celebrity caricatures, interviews, forums, comics and much, much more...
United_Kingdom.gif Hayter, stanley william
Art Gallery for prints and illustrated books. Lithograph and etchings by the XX century masters.
Canada.gif Gregg Simpson
West Coast Canadian artist, Gregg Simpson, was internationally recognized in the 1970s and 80s as a Neo-Surrealist. He now works in a more abstract mode. Simpson was the subject of a television documentary made on his work in 2003, entitled A New Arcadia,
Netherlands.gif Maarten J. Jansen
The paintings of abstract art
France.gif Chardon Bernard
Bernard Chardon s'exprime aussi bien son art à travers la peinture, les vitraux, la céramique. On ne regarde pas un tableau de Bernard on tombe dedans !
France.gif Emesse
Figurative :
Drawings, oils and different techniques
France.gif Launay Françoise
Ce sont des aquarelles gouachées,pour lesquelles à chaque fois j'ai eu le coup de foudre.
Maintenant, à vous de me dire, vos commentaires, de joies, d'étonnements, de plaisirs,
France.gif Couet Daniel
An exeptionnal site, you can see my works in progression, every week my latest work is added to the most recent exhibition, the studio on a boat in Amsterdam, is very interesting and shows may works of a great quality.the paintings are very original
Fine art gallery of abstract oil paintings for sale including landscapes,still life, portraits, flowers, nudes and more.
Romania.gif Abstract and Religious paintings by Ioan Popei
Browsing our online art gallery you will discover an impressive collection of religious icons and oil paintings for sale.
France.gif Alain SERRUYA
Alain SERRUYA - Artist painter, gifts, contemporary arts, sale paintings, art, painting course, watercolor, oil painting, reproductions, virtual art gallery, painting gallery, virtual exhibition, painter, painting, pictures, drawings, engravings, post, sc
France.gif Lefay, Christèle
Oeuvres de Christèle Lefay artiste-peintre. Travail basé sur des formes végétales colorées entre abstrait et figuratif, ainsi que sur l’organisation des toiles (diptyques, triptyques, ...).
United_States.gif Hubert Lopez Heredia
HUBERT LOPEZ HEREDIA Figurative at his beginnings, he is direc-ted little by little towards the abstract ex-pressionnism then towards to the informal art which allures he by his spontaneousness and to which there adapts new technique
Hungary.gif Miklos Barath bm4art29c0
The relationship between myself, my surroundings and my liberal approach. I must find the answer given these components. My world-view is the ruling criteria and motivator. The higher self is ruled by this more often than direct interaction - yet the latt…
Great_Britain.gif Michael Gutteridge
The wonderfully colourful yet often disturbingly Kafkaesque world of Manchester based painter Michael Gutteridge.
France.gif Alfredo Lopez
Je présente ici quelques une de mes créations
United_States.gif Andy Warhol
France.gif Carson C.T. Collins
The Ocean Series : Metaphoric oceanscapes a synthesis of Mark Rothko, Claude Monet and a Buddhist mandala.
France.gif Claire Astheber
Une figuration libre et naive.
United_States.gif Cy Twombly
France.gif De Caso Michel
Rectoversion or original triple-sided painting.
United_States.gif Ed Kienholz
United_States.gif Eric Fischl
France.gif Fabrice Lemarechal
Oil paintings and drawing.
France.gif Galerie d'artistes contemporains
French and foreign artists.
Great_Britain.gif Hugh McMunn
Details of urbanization.
Ireland.gif Derek Cooney
Irish paintings
France.gif JOUD
Paintings, drawings.
France.gif Maitre Andre
Atelier + galerie
Other.gif Mark Tansey
Sweden.gif Max Magnus Norman
Visions seen and painted or sculpted. People, angels, demons, animals, dragons etc. and their surroundings.
France.gif Philippe Destrés
Philippe Destrés presents his abstract paintings.
France.gif Philippe Gaillard
Trilles endiablées ici le blanc se fait couleur.
Great_Britain.gif Pip Dickens
UK based abstract painter, oil on canvas represented by ELGIN (Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art) London.
France.gif René Saint-Léonard
Virtual museum.
United_States.gif Stewart Lane Ellington
Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas addressing themes of language, identity and the nature ofbeing.
France.gif Tristan Bastit
Site officiel de l'artiste contemporain Tristan Bastit, exposition de peintures récentes, biographie illustrée & commentée.
France.gif Annie Gilbert
Découvrez le site internet d'Annie GILBERT, artiste peintre en Vendée. Présentation de ses tableaux avec les thèmes des personnages, de la côte et des îles et du Maroc.
Belgium.gif Pol Ledent
101 Landscapes from Belgium
Flowers and nudes
Romania.gif Cristache Gheorghiu
Some paintings by Cristache Gheorghiu
Netherlands.gif Emil Matulewicz
Emil Matulewicz produces in his studio in Delft (Netherlands) a variety of figurative paintings. Portraits, still lifes and landscapes form the main part of his contemporary fine art portfolio. Flowers and ballet are examples that are painted in his own s…
None.gif Gheorghiu Cristache
A Club Of Arts
France.gif Henry Simon
This site of the association of Friends d' Henry Simon is dedicated to this artist. We hope to make you cross a pleasant moment by discovering the work, the artist, the man as well as the testimonies in his memory.
France.gif ArtChic
Contemporary art gallery in France: Barbizon, St Paul de Vence,Paris, shows painting and sculptures of well-known artists.
France.gif Rigaud Mickael
Gallery of figurative paintings and abstract painter Mik-art. They are categorized by topic for easy navigation. Most of the paintings are done on paper especially for the space saving that this support is relative to the canvas and for the pr…
United_States.gif Marilyn Kirsch
Abstract and non-objective painting and work on paper, includes oil, watercolor, drawing and collage. Imagery influenced by photography and architecture.
France.gif Dubreuil cyril
Découvrez mes tableaux réalisés au pastel où courbes et couleurs s'associent harmonieusement laissant place au rêve et à l'imagination.
France.gif Commun'Arts
Contemporary Art association present the works of painters, sculptors, céramistes, photographers, members of the association or guests
France.gif Deffontaine Jacques
Official site of expressionism abstracts from Jacques Deffontaine presented by Andrego Galerie.
France.gif Cécile Baudoncourt
Official Cécile Baudoncourt's Gallery
France.gif Gribuk
A trip through abstract landscapes.
France.gif MAÏKA
En passant par les anges et les étoiles.