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Australia.gif Richard Horvath
Stippled neo-pointillist landscape paintings
Romania.gif Podium Art Gallery
Romanian Art Gallery. You can see paintings, watercolors, graphic works, photography, orthodox icons, design works, illustration
France.gif Weigel frédéric
But de ce site:présentation de mes diverses tentations.

profession: plein de choses à la fois, faiseur de peinture, faiseur de dessin, faiseur de jeu vidéo, faiseur d' expo.

Centre d' intérêt: De la priméité travaillant et transforma…
France.gif Paulette Bacon
Site du peintre nuagiste Paulette Bacon. Son oeuvre, ses pensées, sa vie.
France.gif Pinsolle Martine
Nudes paintings and portraits
France.gif Anton Arno
Site de l'artiste peintre plasticien
ANTON ARNO Peintre abstrait français .
vente d'art
France.gif Sylvain Gillet
Il est l'auteur de fresques murales et de décorations personnalisées d'intérieur et

d'extérieur, aussi bien dans les secteurs de l'entreprise que pour les particuliers.
United_States.gif Erik the Artist
Erik-Jan of direct Dutch descent, has been creating for over 35 years. Successful with celebrity oil on glass portraits, all sizes and colors. With famous patrons (Paul Anka, Stevie Wonder, Steve Wynn) and famous paintings of Monroe, Elvis, Marley, Lance …
United_States.gif Numerous
The J. Cacciola Gallery represents
many of the finest contemporary
realist painters at work today. From
established artists such as Dan
Namingha to emerging painters
such as Gloria DeArcangelis we
continue to seek out gifted …
Great_Britain.gif Paul Wightman (PAD)
A collection a contemporary portraits by UK artist PAD
France.gif Cornee Patrick
Patrick cornée, famous french painter,presents his online fine art gallery of original oil paintings for sale, including a variability of themes like landscape paintings, figurative nude paintings, marine, still life, flowers, people
Switzerland.gif Georges Dumitresco
Biography, Insight, Gallery and Poetry of Georges Dumitresco, a Swiss Romanian painter and poet whose art works have been honoured throughout Europe. Born in Bucharest Romania in 1922, was awarded the National Grand Prize of Bucharest in 1932. As medic…
Armenia.gif Agssarkissian Christina
I'm painting with music
France.gif Amagat, Philippe
Let yourself be guided through my world and meet in turn jazz musicians, timeless flowers, the Bergerac countryside and imaginary villages.
France.gif Grare Didier
Didier Grare, a jung contemporary painter from south west france
France.gif Marchant Colette
Abstract painter, inspired by nature.
France.gif Leclercq Bernadette
canvas acrylics and other materials
France.gif l'art est public
Expérience d'art contemporain menées par les membres du réseau "l'art est public", dont "juxtassemblage et stratificaposition", "rencontres à domicile", "les monstres en ville", etc.
France.gif Wolff Christine.
Christine Wolff, artiste peintre créée des tableaux de peinture contemporaine : peinture florale, abstraite, peinture sur commande.
France.gif Lordanoff Jérémie
abstract paintings gallery, oil on canvas, and abstract drawings by jérémie iordanoff.
France.gif Jacques Bodin
site of the photorealist painter jacques bodin
Belgium.gif Crucifix Patricia
Une approche contemporaine de la peinture qui offre des espaces de contemplation. Peinture à l'huile et à l'acrylique. Technique mixte: incrustation de matériaux: verre, bois, moulage en plâtre...
France.gif Frédéric Despierres
Recents works from the artist
France.gif Duclos , Yves
Duclos Yves artiste peintre aquarelle,acrylique,trompe loeil,crayon,dessin
France.gif M:apostrophe:Ryck
Nomad, I paint abstract and figurative, using knife or brush, depending of my state of mind. Emotion is essential ! My art, as music, is a link with humanity. Welcome to my world !
United_States.gif Carole Estrup
Carole Estrup's fine oils in Visionary, Western and Geo-political themes. Also a sampling of her poetry and a tribute to sculptor Frank James Morgan.
Canada.gif Lena:apostrophe:s Fine ART
Jazz Music Art, Sci-fi Abstract Paintings, Impressionist Landscapes and Naive Folk-Art Flowers
France.gif Poumarède Nicole
Original oil paintings by the French artist Nicole Poumarède. The site includes biography, exhibitions, gallery with still lifes, flowers, landscapes, portraits and nudes of women.
Italy.gif Kino Mistral
Official web site of an italian painter connected with pop art and modern painting technique using spray colors; in the site you will find works, news, info about the artists
Italy.gif Fossali Gino
The work of Italian painter GINO FOSSALI is shown in the site from the years of social engagement and neo-expressionisme of the 60, then the peripod called muyhological till the last called French There are also the graphic works. You can se his biograph…
United_Kingdom.gif Pete Caswell
beautiful stunning ad vibrant impressionist paintings in bold colors of stunning nude women and the ocean
United_Kingdom.gif Moss, Jonathan
Atelier St Louis is the studio of Jonathan Moss who creates paintings, mixed media works and prints. His landscape images are based on the tension between abstract and figurative.
France.gif Collet Bernard
Paintings around nature and history (Oil and pastels) Nature ? through mountains and rocks, forests and leaves,waters and skyes. History ? the crumbling of cities, statues, steles and temples, these broken stones are questioning our present…
France.gif de Schwilgué Odile
Artist painter, a destiny, a talent, an art one cultivates through life's experiences. Discover all paintings of Odile de Schwilgue, figurative painter, and the art exhibitions in the galleries and Salons
France.gif Clauzel Jean-Pierre
Painting oil on paper Working on the faces
Russia.gif Inga Adlerberg
Contemporary paintings.
France.gif Couvelaire Natacha
painting, digital art, silk art, photography
France.gif Anton Arno
Site de l'artiste peintre plasticien ANTON ARNO Peintre abstrait français .
France.gif Oscar B.
Site de l'artiste français contemporain OSCAR B. Vous présente ses oeuvres à mi chemin entre l'abstraction et la figuration libre
Great_Britain.gif Alisha Sufit
Visit the artistic world of Alisha Sufit, artist, singer songwriter and poet. View an interesting selection of works both on canvas and paper, representative of this artist's unique vision, an idiosyncratic British surrealist working in water co…
Italy.gif Contini Costantino
Contemporary Art by Costantino Contini. Discover his abstract art through his chromatic expression. Complete online gallery of artworks
Canada.gif J.Mac
Contemporary Sculpture and Instalation by artist J.Mac.
Israel.gif Danino Liliane
La description a ete faite en francais
None.gif Bernard Vienat
Contemporary painters exposing thanks to their originalities and their styles inspired by their various origins. Possibilities to expose for good artists.
Canada.gif Grimard, Michel
Surrealistic art sometimes grotesque and beautiful abstract art. We are all linked to a force that surpass us.
France.gif Alain Lame
Presentation of paintings and sculptures of the painter Alain Lame. Many exposures Paris, Madrid, New York, Tokyo...
France.gif Joce
Painting's Joce, artist, her exhibitions, her awards
Argentina.gif Alioto Hebe Beatriz
painting the style is expressinist southamericaine,
France.gif Maly Veronique
the drawings paintings portraits and landscapes of Veronique maly
France.gif Terrenoire Claire
Contemporary and figurative paintings of Claire Terrenoire. A young french artist who paints stuffs of ordinary life. Between illustration, design and the graphic design.