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France.gif Fuvel, Christine
Artist painter living in Provence, France, since 1992. Oil paintings showing the southern lights, creations with bright and smooth colors. Gallery named "il etait une fois" in Sanary, south of France.
France.gif Fourgo Sandrine
Parcours, oeuvres et actualités de cette artiste peintre autodidacte aux préoccupations très contemporaines.
United_States.gif Casimiro Gonzalez
" this is a work of art that, from a contagious happiness and a playful eloquence, reveals a conciliation of the artist with himself and expresses his will to celebrate life and beauty
United_Kingdom.gif Banksy
Banksy, personnage mythique de la scène graffiti, illustre artiste revendicateur, aucun fait social ne sait lui résister tant il est incisif et décoiffant dans son art.
Italy.gif MAROTTA Arnaldo
Arnaldo Marotta, the Painter of Enigma. His works, his biography...
France.gif David EYRAUD
ARTEnovance est une galerie d'art d'artistes peintres contemporains proposant à la vente des estampes, lithographies originales, sculptures et peintures contemporaines.
France.gif Carton Thierry
peintre français de renommée internationale,une belle signature
France.gif ART IN
ART IN's corporate values of democratizing access to the world of art, without complex or prohibitive cost. Each customer ART IN, may in its discretion, resell its acquisition on the site and change according to his desires.
Spain.gif Carmen Diaz
On line gallery where you can find paint made with various techniques, oil, acrylic, watercolor and various reasons, with special emphasis on the figure, mainly located in everyday scenes. Also of particular importance, the realization of "Meninas", using…
France.gif SAVEL, guy
Guy Savel has different techniques and various tools: oil on canvas, acrylic paint using a brush, using a large spatula, varnish based on glycerophtalic resins, and the effect of dripping, watercolour, drawing with a felt-pen or with ink, aerosol painting…
Italy.gif MeridiArte - Italian Fine Art
MeridiArte propose prevalently impressionist oil paintings, landscape, cityscape, seascape and mediterranean coast oil paintings. You can also find different style of paint, as expressionism, figurative, contemporary, art design and many others.
France.gif bernard gilles
La peinture c'est mon moyen de communication, d'échange avec les autres. C'est le découverte de la technique dite " DRIPPING " (dégoulinage, égouttage) qui m'ont ouvert des horizons différentes avec une même technique.
France.gif FAUTOUS Joël
United_States.gif Pelizzari,Gregory
web-site of the artist-painter Gregory Pelizzari
United_States.gif Gregory Christeas
Abstract Art: Abstract art paintings, prints and wall sculptures by abstract artist Christeas
France.gif Haumont Marc
Welcome in the virtual gallery of the french painter Marc Haumont (Lorraine & Burgundy). Come and meet egyptian gods, american old cars, ships in distress, 3.5 apples ... but no racoon. Mainly oils on canvas
France.gif Antonio Vico Vico
Contemporary painter-sculptor, stone, model and monumental works. Paris France, Granada Spain
France.gif Peyrelevade
Jacques Peyrelevade painter use the oil painting, pastels, ink, charcoal. Pictures of Marseille, the Mediterranean, the Provence with an oriental gallery.
France.gif Lutina Pensard
This is the official website of Lutina Pensard. Exibitions and Shows take place in the famous city Pont-Aven (FRANCE)
France.gif PHILIPPE Dominique
A painter of the imagination .... An invitation to travel ... in a world full of mystery dominique would share with you ...
France.gif Ellart David
North amateur artist of France presents you his realizations of naive art and singular. Inspired by Combas, Basquiat, he realizes original and unusual works. Its free and colored forms invite in the journey in a unique world.
I am painter self-educated person, I saw in St-Brévin-Les-Pins in Loire Atlantic. Painting was a clack, a desire to give a sense, to interpret in colour what j see, saw en imagine. To paint it is a part of me, I put in it my force, my energy, my curiosi…
France.gif bertrand BEAUFOUR
Personal website, artwork, motion design, interactive kinetic sculptures, digital images, drawings, photos.
United_States.gif Abstract Art Paintings - ContempoGallery
The official contemporary abstract art blog for the artworks of internationally collected artists Michael Leen, Jason York and others.
Egypt.gif Khalda Hamouda
Realism Egyptian Paintings in oil on canvas or oil on linen by realist oil painter Khalda Hamouda .Included are realistic original contemporary egyptian paintings of style expressionism , landscape , portrait , floral. Portrait Commission from images is n…
Canada.gif Graffiti
Le Graffiti .com est consacré à l'art du graffiti. Vous y trouverez vidéos et photos de graffiti. Voyez des graffiteurs créer des graffiti sur vidéo et consultez nos dossiers et nos photos de graffiti.
France.gif Christian Kubala
3D website of Kubala, paint artist. His work, bio and expos.
France.gif THOMAS Arielle
Arielle Thomas peintre contemporaine varoise (peinture à l'huile abstraite) travaille dans l’expression synthétique d’émotions épurées et disciplinées car peindre est son moyen de communiquer Ce site vous présente ses tableaux realisés à l'huile.
France.gif Darnell, Thomas
contemporary oil painter of abstracts, landscapes, and flowers in photorealism well represented throughout the world
France.gif Claire Frelon
Pastel, watercolor, acrylic or oil, I try, I try, I propose, I experiment. According to photos during a walk or completely imaginary, it was on the canvas, on paper or on wood that I ask myself. F. Claire
France.gif Flaneel
Les œuvres de Flaneel s'appuient principalement sur des duos en mettant l'accent sur des plans délibérément larges. Visages diaphanes, atmosphères glamour. Artiste peintre contemporaine,Flaneel privilégie les formats carrés et les représentations …
France.gif Cousinou, Henry
Site consacré aux peintures de Henry Cousinou, artiste figuratif né à Paris en 1927, vivant à Marseille. Son œuvre unique et originale donne une large part au rêve et à une méditation poétique sur les civilisations disparues. Il expose à Marseille depuis …
United_Kingdom.gif Ian Darragh
Memorial website for the late figurative painter cntaining seven theme based galleries plus a chronological arvhive of his complete works as knowm.
France.gif Cailhol
Présentation des peintures fantastiques ( huile, collage et dessin ) et des dessins grand format au stylo bille : natures mortes de livres et champignons et de sous bois.
Italy.gif Cosimo (Mino) Lo Savio
Through virtual art gallery, we want to disclose the excursus "contemporary artist Cosimo (Mino) Lo Savio. For better known his work, are given: the biography, the artistic personality of the painter, the exhibitions,reviews and criticism. A multifaceted …
France.gif Mathurel Dimitri
Ce site classe mes travaux (dessins et peintures) par technique et par thématique.
France.gif SOQUES Catherine
Oanh, artiste contemporain abstrait. Réalise des oeuvres par effets de petites touches de couleur et de matière.
France.gif Villanova Laurent
Le peintre Laurent Villanova, propose de confronter deux univers apparemment antagonistes, sur un même espace. Le premier est issu des techniques de l’encre. Un seul geste pour formaliser une émotion visible d’une vie intérieure.Le second se construit…
China.gif Phoebe
handmade canvas oil art, chinese reproduction oil paintings, reproduction of old masters, portrait paintings from photo.
France.gif Virginie Trabaud
French painter specialised in acrylic painting and mortar with relief effect. original with abstract technique you can see but also touch this art.
Other.gif ZEKARA Noureddine
Artiste peintre Algérien. Dessinateur aux crayons de couleur. Portraitiste. Style contemporain, semi-figuratif.
Egypt.gif Khalda Hamouda
Original Paintings by Painter Khalda Hamouda - Oil on Canvas or Oil on linen including Portraits , Landscape ,Floral ,Expresionism .Photos for portrait comission study are accepted through e-mails. Location is Cairo - Egypt.
France.gif Jean Luc Decaux
French fine art gallery
France.gif Galthié Cécile
Colored Earth, crushed, mixed in the water, deliver in any simplicity the beauty of the nature. Through these two vital elements, Earth and the Water, Cécile marks the interest which she carries to our environment and their pays tribute. In the same way, …
France.gif Girouard Armelle
Hello, My artistic is instinctive and not explaining anything. I decided to privilege the authenticity of the movement and the colors by preparing nothing beforehand. For that i never make any drawings. I like playing with colors and i mix them acc…
France.gif Jean Claude TOLZA
Après une vie de marin dans la Marine Marchande, j'ai repris mes pinceaux et mes couleurs ….. « en fait je ne les avais jamais vraiment quittés ».
France.gif Cairon, Sylvie
Expressionist paintings and drawings inspired by the complexity of human beings."
Canada.gif Pranke Richard T
Welcome I am a 3rd generation artist, born in Duvernay, Laval, Quebec in 1958. My grandfather, Richard Wenzel Pranke was an art professor in Slovakia, and my father,a well known Quebec artist Walter W. Pranke, were my first motivators that inspired m…
France.gif Deschamp
Artiste Peintre, avec un parcours essaimé de multiples expériences picturales pouvant apparaitre contradictoires ,la base du travail trouvant de la matière dans la structure du paysage et de la figure permettant comme finalité une possibilité de peinture …
United_Kingdom.gif Sam Luff
Original contemporary and landscape oil paintings on canvas and wood