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France.gif Laure-Anne Barbier
Drawings and pastels. The pastel has become a passion. This material that works and allows the fingers to make colorful drawings, allow me to address all issues. In a realistic and figurative style, I approach all my creations with the same enthusiasm …
France.gif lenoir
peinture huile et dessin
France.gif LECESNE
Edmond LECESNE, french contemporary painter, presents oil paintings on canvas and watercolors in his virtual gallery
France.gif LANGLOIS Francis
ARTABUS est une galerie virtuelle d'art contemporain (peintures, sculptures, photos). Près de 2000 artistes de tous pays y présentent leurs oeuvres.
Germany.gif Dehrmann Till
In this online gallery we find contemporary orientalistic paintings with sceneries from North Africa and Middle East. The motifs show various illustrations with oriental and Islamic themes. They provide an insight into the Arabic culture from the Orient. …
Germany.gif souane abdallah
Imagiris is the first section of the virtual Gallery of Visual arts of Abdallah Souane, important artist-painter of the XXth Century, registered in the State licensed Graphic-designer from the Highschool of Fine arts …
Belgium.gif Christian Strijckmans
Christian strijckmans is a painter since (2005). It leaves the choice to the visitor to judge themselves of his talent and the variety of its works. It will still surprise its capacity which grows with each new painting, a little more. For him, each new p…
Peru.gif Chris Heili
Creation of works of art, handycraft of Peru. Realization of traditional and modern paintings as well as sculptures in the environmental protection. Origami and painted ceramic.
France.gif Rammal-Alanbari Asma
Asma Rammal-Alanbari, the artist who creates paintings, sculptures and jewelry, mixtures of abstract, figurative, surreal, and expressionist styles, all available in United Kingdom and France
France.gif Daluz Galego
My painting, my style. Paint, create... it's my passion. Clever and creative, to my delight, I began painting with oil technique and since 2011, I approached the acrylic, mixed media, materials, composite materials, the abstract. The stra…
Belgium.gif Gietka José
Site officiel de l'artiste namurois José Gietka qui vous présente son travail créatif à l'aquarelle en deux galeries d'images, l'une abstraite et l'autre figurative. Un espace est réservé à l'annonce des évènements auxquels l'artiste participe, ainsi qu'…
France.gif ARGENTERO Didier
Digital paintings made by Didier Argentero, signed and numbered within the limit of 30 specimens, printed on painting canvas.
France.gif Chanson Pierre
Paint(Painting) and sculpture, arts and crafts in all the themes and all the techniques.
France.gif Mireille ROBERT
This is the website of Mireille ROBERT, French artist from Nancy. You'll find in this virtual galery painting and some others work.
Spain.gif Maite Rodriguez
Online art gallery specializing in contemporary oil paintings on canvas.
Poland.gif Lavrilleux Marzena
Artist painter french-polish from Orleans, France. Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.
Spain.gif Medina Saludo Corinne
The new painting style, kinesthesic figuration...
France.gif DECHAVANNE Patrice
Dechavanne expressionist painter paint mixed on rigid panels: Expressionism, surrealistic, erotic, pathetic, heretic
Poland.gif Rafa&322; Huczek
Official website of Poland artist Rafa&322; Huczek, oil paintings, acrylic, watercolour, drawings, paintings on order, portraits.
France.gif GUBERT Georges
Self-taught painter, I completed my training at the Beaux-Arts School in Troyes, France. Encouraged by my participation to several personal or collective exhibitions since I was 14, I kept exercising my art during my profesional career as an …
France.gif Bernadette Malecki
C'est sur le tard et à la suite d'une maladie que j'ai trouvé le réconfort et la sérénité dans la peinture . Ce petit blog sans prétention présente quelques unes de mes créations . Je vous souhaite une bonne visite
France.gif Christine Henry
The gallery of paintings by Christine Henry, featured artist, you allow us to unveil and its work in a virtual gallery. This is a forum that offers you the opportunity to purchase his works at the right price ... His realistic figurative painting, and som…
France.gif Lavrilleux Marzena
I am French-Polish and I live in France, Orleans. I paint since 2008. In my paintings, I want to express my emotions, which are sometimes extreme. I never prepare what I am going to paint, it is a spontaneous expression of my imagination. Most of…
France.gif Bertulessi Nadine
The world of the unseen. Website Abstract painter Nadine Bertulessi, picture gallery, exhibitions, biographie.Après years of figurative, my goal and my inner feelings have guided me to this spiritual abstraction that lay dormant in me. My desire for my pa…
France.gif MICHAUX Michel
I paint especially mechanicals machine , cars, motorbykes, bicycles, planes, yachts... but I présents sometimes my personal idea in a fantastic painting.
France.gif Mon Autre Monde
Website of a self-taught painter in Dijon
France.gif Corinne Brossier
Artiste-peintre, médium. Peintures intuitives sur collection ou reproductions en différents formats et supports, créations personnalisées sur commande.
Romania.gif Carmen Fine Art.
Carmen Fine Art. Contemporary Art Gallery. Fine art prints are the perfect choice for art lovers on a budget or for those who are just beginning to explore the exciting world of contemporary art. Fine art prints available for all artworks in a…
Colombia.gif Botero, Fernando
Fernando Botero Google Arts & Culture
Argentina.gif Berni, Antonio
Antonio Berni Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Warhol, Andy
Andy Warhol Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Shelton, Gilbert
Gilbert Shelton Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Davis, Stuart
Stuart Davis Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Kitaj, Ron
Ron Kitaj Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Lichtenstein, Roy
Roy Lichtenstein Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Still, Clyfford
Clyfford Still Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Glasco, Joseph
Joseph Glasco Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Diebenkorn, Richard
Richard Diebenkorn Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Guston, Philip
Philip Guston Google Arts & Culture
United_States.gif Balson, Ralph
Ralph Balson Google Arts & Culture


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