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France.gif Corinne Brenner
Le hangart est une galerie d'art contemporain installée dans l'ancien relais de poste de bonnieux , joli village du Luberon en Provence ... On y trouve les œuvres d’une dizaine d’artistes : tableaux, sculptures mais aussi meubles relookés et objets de dé…
United_States.gif Hubert Lopez Heredia
HUBERT LOPEZ HEREDIA Figurative at his beginnings, he is direc-ted little by little towards the abstract ex-pressionnism then towards to the informal art which allures he by his spontaneousness and to which there adapts new technique
Hungary.gif Lajos Gaal
This web site contains paintings of the Venice Carnival, and various Landscape's with different seasons created by a Hungarian Artist - Lajos Gaal.
France.gif Valérie Foulon
I'm 33 years old. I've been painting for years and years but it's only since the birth of my baby boy that I've found the courage to show my 'treasures'...Visit my on line
United_States.gif Mo Osman
Acrylic paintings by native of Somalia artist and practicing physician.
South_Africa.gif Gary Frier
The personal gallery of south african artist Gary Frier
France.gif Paparone alain
the artwork of the french artist alain paparone in painting, drawing, illustration, computer graphics in 2d and 3d
France.gif Marie Pédrotti
Artiste peintre graphiste poètesse, musicienne recherchant les courbes, les couleurs, les formes, les ambiances et l'essence communes entre la nature et la nature humaine
Spain.gif Ana Pardo, the Lady of the Painting
Virtual gallery where are shown oils, watercolors and reflections on the world of the Art by the Lady of the Painting.
France.gif Buscail-Lipsky Brigitte
Modern expressive figurative oil painter her paintings often dominated by reds whose secret she alone knows are pure energy delivered via recurrent thems of music fiesta...
Italy.gif Bozzi Roberto
Contemporary italian painter, present the gallery of its works.
France.gif pouponnot david
personnal database of David Pouponnot
France.gif Christelle Doireau
Christelle DOIREAU, peintre, vous propose sa galerie virtuelle
New_Zealand.gif Bryce Brown
Bold, contemporary paintings by New Zealand artist, Bryce Brown. Bryce uses strong line, texture and colour to evoke a positive sense of the human condition. His paintings are in collections in London, New York and Edinburgh.
France.gif Coleau Christian
Re-concept Modern Painting Colorism create by Christian Coleau
South_Africa.gif Antoine de Villiers
Online art gallery featuring original oil paintings, drawings as well as photographs. “The canvas is my playground of words and some of my writing is here, it is my art, it is what I have to offer”
Italy.gif Fabio Del Mese
Roman artist that introduces his works in water-color on the beautiful monuments in Rome. In his colors the emotion and the enchantment of the eternal city.
France.gif Lefay, Christèle
Oeuvres de Christèle Lefay artiste-peintre. Travail basé sur des formes végétales colorées entre abstrait et figuratif, ainsi que sur l’organisation des toiles (diptyques, triptyques, ...).
France.gif Alain SERRUYA
Alain SERRUYA - Artist painter, gifts, contemporary arts, sale paintings, art, painting course, watercolor, oil painting, reproductions, virtual art gallery, painting gallery, virtual exhibition, painter, painting, pictures, drawings, engravings, post, sc…
France.gif Jérôme Nesta Morin
Galerie artistique de l'artiste jérôme Nesta Morin. Encre de chine, Peinture, Sculpture... Prix du Public 2003, Galerie virtuelle, vente d'originaux et repros.
Romania.gif Abstract and Religious paintings by Ioan Popei
Browsing our online art gallery you will discover an impressive collection of religious icons and oil paintings for sale.
Portugal.gif De Medeiros Ana
Abstract, gestic and informal painting.
expressionism. Sculptures.
Brazil.gif Saulo Silveira
Portfolio of the painter Saulo Silveira, Brazilian artist living in Portugal.
Czech_Republic.gif Jana ksalova
czech artist working in london using organic and zoomorphic elements
Russia.gif Victor Petrov
Painting for sale. Truly Russian landscapes. By Russian artist based in village of Beloomut (Moscow region), founded in the 17-th century. Nature, seasons, villages, churches. Oil on canvas.
Germany.gif Jacqueline Ditt
online-gallery of Jacqueline Ditt (expresionistic paintings)and Mario Strack (audiovisual mediaart)
France.gif Adé Bernard
Adé Bernard, contemporary painter, 20 modern paintings on series in an art gallery.
Fine art gallery of abstract oil paintings for sale including landscapes,still life, portraits, flowers, nudes and more.
Netherlands.gif Euro Art Gallery Oil Painting Reproductions and Po
Oil Painting Reproductions, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Klimt, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Lempicka, Hopper and many others on canvas.
Czech_Republic.gif Jana Neubertova
contemporary arts
France.gif Yves LEJ
Exposition virtuelle, peinture contemporaine, peintures acryliques, huiles, oeuvres numériques équilibre symbioses des formes et des couleurs.
France.gif Couet Daniel
An exeptionnal site, you can see my works in progression, every week my latest work is added to the most recent exhibition, the studio on a boat in Amsterdam, is very interesting and shows may works of a great quality.the paintings are very original
France.gif Sah chah
Men and women nudes by contemporary figurative artist sah chah.
Switzerland.gif Picchio
The Artist PICCHIO shows in this
extensive website more than 100
modern, contemporary paintings,
abstract and impressionistic, some
also concrete, as Visions,
Calligraphy, Collages, Landscapes,
Flowers and Art(about)Work, and…
France.gif Pierre MOAL
presentation of the tables of the painter Pierre MOAL

presentation of the tables of the painter Pierre MOAL
France.gif Vanik
Oil Paintings of Vanik
France.gif Duaner
Official WebSite of the painter Duaner where you'll find his biography,paintings,news and contacts.
France.gif Antoine Fanis
Digital painting_Peinture numerique
Other.gif Valentin Georgiev
On line gallery of the young Bulgarian Artist of Immagination Valentin Georgiev
France.gif Hirvoy Jean Daniel
Le peintre Jean Daniel HIRVOY est l'initiateur du Métarayonnisme,peinture contemporaine introspective, son oeuvre picturale est "inclassable".Assurément un peintre et univers à découvrir
France.gif Artistes du HangART
Le hangart est une galerie d'art contemporain installée dans l'ancien relais de poste de Bonnieux , joli village du Luberon en Provence ...
On y trouve les œuvres d’une dizaine d’artistes : tableaux, sculptures mais aussi meubles
France.gif Lydie Faure Taudin
Présentation de ses toiles orientalistes , nus , aquarelles et copies de Maitres.
Netherlands.gif Ger Groeneveld
Dutch contemporary painter with fascinating colourful paintings of horses, girls, romance, magic landscapes, still life, old masters and much more.
France.gif SPREUX François
Hyperrealist French artist specializing in animal drawings realized with acrylic.
United_States.gif Jan Skorb
abstract paintings in different
Romania.gif Niculesu Radu
mes peintures
France.gif Laka
A travel around colours of hart.
Other.gif Farhad Yalguzag (Iskenderov)
42 oil paintings displayed on my webpage.
Russia.gif Art Hit
Virtual gallery. Surrealistic, abstract paintings online exhibition and sale. Modern original artworks for sale. Posters.
France.gif Schlesser-Gamelin
Paintings, drawings, various works from the young painter Laetitia Schlesser-Gamelin.