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France.gif Rogala Philippe
Galerie de peintures à l'huile sur toile de lin.
France.gif Chambion Christine
Traces, tears, fragments... as many images as time reveals with our glances. Beyond appearances, the fugitive or real trace attracts us towards other shores.
France.gif Morvan Marc-Yves
Présentation des différentes collections de toiles de Marc-Yves Morvan, de l'actualité de ses oeuvres, des prochaines manifestations et de sa côte.
France.gif lepolsk Matuszewski
contemporary painter. its fabrics are visual metaphors running up against the spectator, painter of the shades and the lights using of new materials! Enter its universe....
United_States.gif Jeannin Angelique
Virtual galerie of Angelique Jeannin. I Live in Colorado, USA. I am a painter and web designer.
Switzerland.gif Sauterel Jacques
For me pastel drawing is kind of balancing act where reality and feeling must come together in a traditional work. I create colors, shading, add and delete objects to further enhance my affinity to the chosen subjets.
United_States.gif Kaloust Guedel
ABC ART of Kaloust Guedel
France.gif Jean-Michel Garachon
Peinture contemporaine
United_States.gif JD King
images and description of oil painting and watercolor in contemporary realism
United_Kingdom.gif McKenzie, Annick
Annick McKenzie, Colorist artist, painter in acrylic's offical site. On line gallery of colourful , bold and happy paintings, limited edition prints and greetings cards. Work express the wonder and energy of life in landscapes, seascapes, flowers. Annic…
France.gif Kellestom
Who's Kellestom? The painter Kellestom commenced her artistic education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts at Paris. Among its famous former students are the painters Edgar Degas, Théodore Gericault, Eugène Delacroix or the architect Charles Garnier. "École de…
Belgium.gif Marinus Michel
Michel Marinus, artiste peintre belge (Bruxelles)
France.gif Jean Michel Rackelboom
Do you want to find a another way to paint with watercolours?The naturals elements give to us the positive vibration.
Canada.gif Chevalier, Renée
Personal web site of the Canadian visual artist Renée Chevalier with portfolio and slide show.
France.gif Escarpolette
L'Escarpolette - Galerie d'Art : Découvrez les artistes peintres et sculpteurs ainsi que leur oeuvres sur notre galerie en ligne
France.gif Marthouret Alin
site officiel d'alin marthouret artiste peintre contemporain sculpteur écrivain
Czech_Republic.gif Irina Kupyrova
Irina Kupyrova is a painter of female nudes and portraits offering painting in the styles of aesthetic impressionism and synthetism with emphasis on decorative line and the use of clear vivid colour. Please visit our website for a selection of original…
Morocco.gif Arejdal Rachid
peinture and drow
France.gif Poupin Isabelle
Isabelle Poupin's universe, painter and creator of "living" paintings, thanks to the magic addition of fresh flowers
France.gif Tehos
Welcome in Tehos art galerie and painting. Abstract and modern painting,
Portugal.gif Pereira da Silva
Artwork of the sculptor Pereira da Silva.
France.gif Passion Estampes
Passion Estampes is an online galery. Numerous gift ideas : Original lithographs, serigraphs and fine art reproductions by famous artists such as Dali, Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Matisse, Klimt ... Visit our website !
Turkey.gif Yurdayuksel Munire
Münire Yurdayüksel An inner world open to the outside Münire Yurdayüksel would not have achieved this brilliant career without this reasonnable touch of passion that “opens the mind”, according to Stendhal.. For her, painting is not only a professio…
France.gif Meysson-Gendre Solange
Peinture à l'huile figurative. Les couleurs chatoyantes pour célébrer la nature, les portraits, la vie...
France.gif Ribeiro Michèle
Michèle RIBEIRO was born in Bourgogne, France, in 1953. she has attended the Guild of painters founded by Max SCHEMBERG. Since then, she has been exhibiting in many galleries where each exhibition is a rare moment to enjoy. To paint the elsewhere… …
France.gif St le du
Site de présentation des tableaux de ST LE DU .Peintures abstraites représentant une idée du paysage.
United_States.gif Jonathan Meyer
Contemporary collage and abstract painting by London-based American artist Jonathan Meyer. Site includes thumbnail galleries, artist's statements, reviews from previous exhibitions and contact info.
France.gif Alain
galerie peinture abstraite par ALH
Canada.gif DaRoArt - David Roche
Da Ro Art, will put you in contact with a visual universe which is based on a thematic research and originality. The dualities and the great contrasts between two opposed and contradictory forces: the abstract and the figurative.
Morocco.gif Mohamed Tahdaini
It's web site which contains my own artworks. All of them are abstract, oil and acrylic artworks.
France.gif Jean Fontan
France.gif Wijas Bernadette
Galerie de peinture contemporaine
Belgium.gif De backer serge
cybergallery presenting young/emerging and mature artists, mainly Belgians. Painters, sculptors, etchers and photographers.
Russia.gif Russian Paintings Gallery
oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and drawings, sculptures and crafts by contemporary Russian artists. Artworks for sale are presented, delivery of ordered.
France.gif Kichinevski
collages, assemblages and mixt media
France.gif Curé Béatrice
site proposing of the modern drawings very coloured with the stranges forms .there also is oils on fabrics presenting of the Lorraine landscapes and the portraits of African women.
France.gif Dikant Christophe
Welcome! Acrylic painting of a french painter.
Australia.gif Leveque Huer Cathryn
You can see the paintings of CATHRYN LEVEQUE on this site. They present goddesses and prehistoric art.
France.gif Casha René
Flirting with the minimalism? René Casha invents an indented painting.
France.gif Pierre Cherbit
art of pierre cherbit
France.gif Poiret Florence
galerie de peinture
United_States.gif Paul Herman
Paintings, sculpture & murals by Paul Herman. Paul works in the Renaissance tradition with impressionist influence.
Canada.gif Laporta Gilbert
Painting and graphic art by Gilbert Laporta
United_Kingdom.gif William Frost
contemporary oil on canvas paintings. Wilf draws inspiration from gritty urban reality and transforms it into magical fairytale fantasy
None.gif Ichor Gallery
Exclusive fine art oil-paintings and drawings available as originals and prints. Erotic and non-erotic renaissance-style artwork.
France.gif Beguin Stephane
Ce jeune artiste de talent peint des portraits frappants, décalés, attachants, plein de passion et de souffrance. Ce peintre arrive a donner forme visible à nos états d'âme du quotidien. Sa peinture séduit, nous prend aux tripes, nous charme et nous envo…
France.gif Eric Bourdon
Official web-site about the work of the french painter Eric Bourdon, an artist from the 'schemes' gallery, in Lille.